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Emergency Denture Repairs – Gallery

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Long lasting full, custom and partial dentures in Perth 

At Emergency Denture Repairs, we have 35 years’ experience providing excellent dental care to people throughout Perth. From porcelain veneers and dentures to teeth whitening and bridges, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for all kinds of dental problems. Our dental professionals are experts when it comes to dental care, providing transformational smile makeovers and surgeries to keep our patients smiling well into later life.

Take a look at some of our most recent transformations below.

Dental implant dentures are recommended more frequently for lower dentures which are often more difficult to stabilize and keep securely in place. You may however wish to use implants to secure your upper denture and get rid of the bulky palate. This can enable you to speak more clearly and taste your favorite foods better than ever.

Since the dentures are retained or supported by the dental implants, biting force is greatly increased, denture sore spots are significantly reduced and the collection of food under the denture is eliminated. Implant retained dentures provide our patients with a more secure and natural fit.