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Take a look at Emergency Denture Repairs recent articles and advice around dentures, dental care and self-care

How to Make Dentures More Comfortable

How to Make Dentures More Comfortable Like all dental appliances, dentures take a bit of time to “break in”. Your mouth may feel uncomfortable at first while you get used to speaking, eating and smiling with your new dentures. At Emergency Denture Repairs, we work with you to create the most comfortable dentures possible. We’ve put together some tips for improving your comfort with dentures. […]

Comparing Veneers, Crowns and Bridges

Comparing Veneers, Crowns and Bridges The world of cosmetic dentistry is vast and varied with many options and solutions available to correct a range of issues. At Emergency Denture Repairs, we offer high-quality services in porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges to repair and protect your oral health. In this article, we’re discussing the differences between and benefits of these three treatments. […]

What to Do When Your Partial Dentures Hurt

What to Do When Your Partial Dentures Hurt Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth and improve the function and appearance of your mouth. It can be disheartening to experience pain and irritation from dentures, either full or partial, so our team have put together a guide to dealing with painful dentures. In this article, we’re focusing on discomfort with partial dentures. […]

How Long Do Dentures Last?

How Long Do Dentures Last? Dentures last many years with the appropriate care. In most cases, dentures will last at least five to seven years. After this time, your dentures may need to be relined or rebased if they become loose. You should have your mouth and dentures evaluated annually. If the dentures become too ill-fitting or there is significant wear, fractures or deterioration of the dentures, new ones may be required. […]

Fixing Lower Denture Problems

Fixing Lower Denture Problems If you’re finding that your bottom dentures hurt or aren’t fitting appropriately, the team at Emergency Denture Repairs is here to help. Loose lower dentures can cause a huge range of problems that should be dealt with as quickly as possible to improve the comfort and function of your mouth. In this article, we’re exploring the problems with bottom dentures and what our team can do to help. […]

Dentures for Young People

Dentures for Young People Although no one wishes for missing teeth, it can affect people at every stage of life. Young people who suffer from missing teeth can see positive results with custom dentures that will lessen the negative side effects of lost teeth. We’re discussing the reasons behind missing teeth, the average age for dentures, and the options available for young people. […]